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A Level Student Gains Work Experience At Bolton Film Festival

Date Posted: 16/10/2018 | Posted In: A Level, College News, Student News

A Level English Literature & Language, Film Studies and Media Studies student Amber Berry,  recently undertook work experience at Bolton Film Festival. Amber helped out with social media specifically, but also assisted with setting up equipment and ticket sales.

“As we as running social media for the event, I was able to attend many of the talks, one I found that really connected with my styles of creating, was with Julie Foy (producer of Silent Child) and Sam Johnson (director of Earthly encounters). There was a screening of both of their short films, which inspired me to work on my own projects and develop my coursework. Spinosaurus directed by Tessa Hoffe, was a very naturalistic performance from two young children, but yet it managed to create an enigma for the audience and capture this childlike innocence”. Amber Berry

The festival enabled Amber to meet lots of people from the industry and to connect with people who had very similar interests. “The festival gave me further ambition to want to study a course relating to film and media at university”, commented Amber.

Well done to Amber on your successful work experience! Find out more about studying English Literature & Language, Film Studies and Media Studies at College.