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The Big Fracking Debate

Date Posted: 15/02/2018 | Posted In: A Level, College News, Student News

Students took part in a Fracking debate hosted by Dr Brian Iddon, a former MP for Bolton South East and eminent organic chemist. A heated debate took place and students argued for and against the use of Fracking. Fracking is a controversial technique for extracting gas and oil from underground. Hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’ is being hailed by the  government as a means of creating a new boom for our economy, creating thousands of new jobs, lowering our energy bills and giving the UK energy security for decades to come. However, many people are not happy about fracking and a many environmental campaigners believe that no fracking should take place. Well done to all the students involved, we had some great debaters! Also, thank you to Brian Iddon for hosting our event.

“This was a vibrant and inspiring debate. Students were discussing issues surrounding Science and the social and political implications surrounding these issues. It was encouraging to hear students with strong opinions sharing their views in a respectful and dignified manner. Students had read up on the issues and put real thought into their preparation for this event. The theatre was full and all students had the opportunity to have their voices heard.” Head of Science and Mathematics, Paul Buckley