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Perfect Poetry!

Date Posted: 24/11/2017 | Posted In: A Level, College News, Student News

Congratulations to English student Matthew Trundle who has won first prize in the University of Bolton Poetry competition. Matthew fought off fierce competition with his winning poem entitled Territorial Transitions. Bolton Central Library are hosting a live literature event on 11th December and  Matthew has been asked to read his winning poem alongside other award-winning poets. 

Territorial Transitions                                                          

You watch as your surroundings gradually lose life,

Activity lessens, creatures are more absent with every

Passing day. The brisk biting wind blows

Down your neck, chilling the skin and igniting the sense.


The trees reinvent themselves and the forest

Transforms from a canopy of leaves to a gothic woodland,

Dark figures lurking in the wilderness that

Appear in the midst of nightmares. Nights in general

Lengthen and darkness is ever more present in the forest,

Obscuring views and instilling fear into unfortunate passer bys.


The forest gradually fills itself with emptiness.

In the silence your senses sharpen and every branch

Snapping, every gust of wind blowing and every leaf

Falling become audible to those unhearing beforehand.


Everyone here is constantly waiting with impatience for

Change, for an end to the lifelessness that

Lingers in the atmosphere this time of year.

The problematic nature of the annual cycles.

The fear that perhaps the prospect of spring is implausible and you’re

Stuck waiting for restoration to your own home, hoping the forest

Repairs as otherwise you will have no place in this speculative new status quo.

By Matthew Trundle

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