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Students Experience Life As A Soldier

Date Posted: 19/04/2018 | Posted In: A Level, College News, Student News

Public Services students took part in a week long Army insight course at Swynnerton Army Training Camp in Stoke. They completed a range of activities including Digital Close Combat Training (DCCT), Fire & Manoeuvre, Camouflage and Concealment and many more military-based training exercises. Students also learned about ‘Heart Start’ which involved life saving skills used by the Public Services. A British Army’s Personal Fitness Assessment (PFA) was completed, as well as many other fitness based activities, such as the Gun Run and the Obstacle Course. Students lived the life of a soldier, enabling them to gain vital work experience and develop important qualities such as communication, leadership and teamwork skills.The British Army praised our students for their fantastic work ethic and determination throughout. Find out more about studying Public Services.