Academic Skills Enhancement

What is ASE?

In ASE we cover different topics each session and we encourage discussions and independent and group tasks. The aim is for students to learn tangible skills to use throughout college, future career and beyond. The sessions run once every 3 weeks and consist of the following:

Academic Skills Covered

Session One: The Difference between A Level and GCSE

Session Two: Debate Challenge

Session Three: Critical and Creative Thinking

Session Four: Command Words

Session Five: Revision Skills

Session Six: Failure Management

Session Seven: Exam Preparation

Session Eight: Review of the year

The Impact


We aim for students to have at their disposal an academic toolkit which can be transferred into every academic pursuit within The Sixth Form. We want them to understand the importance of academic study at The Sixth Form and ensure that the skills learnt raise aspirations and potential for academic success.

Doing the failure management session at ASE was really useful because we had different scenarios that were all really relevant for me and things I struggle with, and we talked about what strategies could be implemented to avoid potential crisis’ from happening but also what was really helpful was we talked about what we could do if the crisis did actually happen and how to manage it. It came at a good time since I had exams that same week and it really helped me to not get as stressed about not having enough time to revise, and just do the best I could with the remaining time available by making a plan. But, it was a realistic plan that included time for breaks, relaxing, seeing my friends etc. so I didn’t get overwhelmed like mentioned in ASE. Thanks for the ASE session!” Caitlin, one of our ASE Students.