Academic Skills Enhancement

In making the transition from GCSE to A Level study, we want to encourage a change in mind-set and attitude towards learning. The Sixth Form College provide a platform for each A Level first year student to embrace the challenge and high academic demands of further education, whilst also recognising themselves as an active learner and not a passive learner.

Academic Skills Enhancement is a course which every first year A Level student enrols onto as part of their further education curriculum. The main objective of Academic Skills Enhancement is to acclimate new students to the cornerstones of A Level academic skills. We aim to ignite a spark of interest, intrigue and creativity for learning and reflection which students can use as a skill to take into their lessons.

Academic Skills Covered

Analysing Data
Extrapolating Information
Debating Skills
Creative Problem Solving
Critical Questioning
Creating Revision Resources

The Impact

We aim for students to have at their disposal an academic toolkit which can be transferred into every academic pursuit within college, further refine and review, and ensure that the skills learnt raise aspirations and potential for academic success.

For further information, please follow the ASE Blog http://academicskillsenhancement.over-blog.com/