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Date Posted: 25/02/2022 | Posted In: Careers, Health & Social Care, Mathematics, Science, Sports, Student News

Last week, many of our Science, Health & Social Care, Physical Education and Sports Science students became ‘surgeons for the day’ at the Operating Theatre Live event here at The Sixth Form. This immersive surgical experience, facilitated by MED-SOC, gave students the opportunity to carry out dissection procedures in a realistic clinical environment.

Students participated in the dissection of real organ specimens including a head, brain, lungs and heart. They also worked on a digestive tract which showcased the stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas and intestines. The day was rigorously academic with students receiving an award-winning insight into how the body works and the challenges faced by the next generation of medical professionals.

The MED-SOC coach

Our students had a great day getting hands-on experience whilst also developing those key skills needed to work as part of a multidisciplinary team such as team work and communication!

B6 students carrying out dissection 

Harmeet Singh, who studies A Level Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics, was really positive about the experience and said:

“When it comes to gaining knowledge, it’s not always about reading things in books or seeing them on screens, it’s about putting them into practice and being able to do it yourself and we had the most brilliant opportunity to attend MED-SOC (Operating Theatre Live) last week. 

The event was very insightful for everyone, and it was a great way to visualise what a medical career can entail and what activities we might encounter. I personally attended the event to explore different career options available in medicine and to gain an insight in the medical field. Performing dissection ourselves was a great opportunity to learn more about how a human body functions by having an encounter with the different organs themselves.

Performing the dissection live really puts things in perspective for students, especially those who are hoping to become a surgeon or are exploring other medical careers. It’s important for us to have these experiences and I think it’s great that we had this brilliant opportunity especially after the obstacles that COVID-19 has caused over last two years. It was something new and fresh for everyone. Practical knowledge is very important, and it’s wonderful that The Sixth Form gave my peers and I this great opportunity to attend this event.

Thanks to the team for providing us with this amazing experience. It was extremely informative and exciting!”

Harmeet Singh (furthest right) with fellow B6 students

B6 would like to express a huge thank you to all the team from MED-SOC for delivering this invaluable experience to our students.

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