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The Sixth Form Bolton Shows Their Support for Women’s Refugee Charity Fortalice

Date Posted: 13/11/2020 | Posted In: Charity, Student News

Did you know? 

The coronavirus crisis has dramatically compounded domestic violence against women, new research has revealed.

Two-thirds of women in abusive relationships have suffered more violence from their partners during the pandemic, according to an investigation by the BBC’s Panorama.

Three-quarters of victims also say the lockdown has made it harder for them to escape their abusers. The joint investigation by Panorama and Women’s Aid is the first in-depth study into how the nationwide shutdown in response to Covid-19 has impacted victims of domestic abuse.

This is why our Children’s Play, Learning and Development, and Health & Social Care Departments have arranged and collected a mass of donations to support a Women’s Refugee based in Bolton – known as Fortalice. 

What is Fortalice? 

Fortalice provides frontline services include a Refuge with 22 flats, training, and group work for women, families, children, and young people who are or have been affected by Domestic Abuse and Violence (DAV).

Women families, children, and young people are supported through various activities either on a 1:1 basis or in group sessions to address the abuse they have lived with. They work to promote and ensure a future free from abuse. Educating young people is a key part of their service.

Here at The Sixth Form Bolton, we are proud and passionate about supporting our community and fantastic charities such as Fortalice. Not only are they there providing refugee, but therapy, support, and training. The Sixth Form Bolton is proud that our Children’s Play, Learning and Development, and the Health and Social Care department’s Students and Staff have contributed a great deal to this cause. 

The History of Fortalice 

Over the years, the services have expanded and grown to meet the ever-changing needs of victims of Domestic Abuse. They now not only work with high-risk victims but deliver early intervention programmes and healthy relationships education programmes in schools and the community to help break the cycle of abuse.

They have gone from strength to strength and are continually upgrading and expanding the services to meet the needs of all our clients who are affected by Domestic Abuse. 

Fortalice was founded by a group of volunteers and the first refuge opened in Castle Street in 1977. The property was rented from the Council on a short-term lease and was run completely by volunteers. By midday on the first day of opening, 3 women and their children had taken up residence. 

You can find out more about the history of Fortalice HERE and learn more about our Children’s Play, Learning & Development and Health & Social Care courses. 

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