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Date Posted: 01/02/2022 | Posted In: Children's Play Learning & Development, Student News

Our second-year Children’s Play, Learning & Development students had a fantastic session yesterday with guest speaker, Dr Allison Moore, from Edge Hill University.

Dr Moore is a well-renowned expert in the field of Autism. She teaches at Edge Hill University as well as working in the sector and she has written many academic pieces for various journals and publications. She has visited The Sixth Form a few times and is always well received by the students.

Dr Moore came to speak to the group about Critical Autism Studies, which linked nicely into the current unit they are studying which is Working with Children who have Additional Needs.

She spoke to them about Autism and the misconceptions of being Autistic. She spoke to the group about the triad of impairments and the negative feelings children and parents may feel once their child is diagnosed as well as how you can turn what is perceived as negatives into positives about Autism.

The class worked in groups to identify where they have seen Autistic people in TV shows and how they are portrayed through those shows. This then helped them to see what some of the misconceptions about Autism are.

Dr Moore asked them some true or false questions to see what the class thought they knew about Autism, which helped them to gather more information around statistics and why certain things are true/or not true. 

Thank you to Dr Moore for visiting. The class enjoyed the presentation and left with lots of new knowledge and a better understanding of Autism. 

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