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Achievement Unlocked: We Are The FIRST Greater Manchester Sixth Form To Achieve 100% in ALL 8 Gatsby Benchmarks!

Date Posted: 14/02/2020 | Posted In: College News, Student News

The Gatsby Benchmark is a framework of 8 guidelines set out within the government’s National Careers Strategy. Careers provision within schools and colleges is measured against these benchmarks to ensure young people have access to a range of career learning opportunities and enter the world of employment with skills and knowledge that are needed to succeed. Within a rapidly changing labour market, that puts an ever-greater demand on young people, The Sixth Form strives to support students in choosing career opportunities that are right for them.


At Bolton Sixth Form, we encourage all of our students to undergo work experience and with fantastic feedback from employers, it is very clear that the students are benefiting from this opportunity.  Within the sixth form, we have a dedicated team of careers professionals who support students through one-to-one guidance appointments and our teaching staff who provide many opportunities for students to attend employer and university-led workshops, helping them make the connection between their subject and particular career pathways.


What are the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks?


Benchmark One – A stable careers programme

Benchmark Two – Learning from career and labour market information

Benchmark Three – Addressing the needs of each pupil

Benchmark Four – Linking curriculum learning to careers

Benchmark Five – Encounters with employers and employees

Benchmark Six – Experiences of workplaces

Benchmark Seven – Encounters with further and higher education

Benchmark Eight – Personal guidance


“We have worked incredibly hard to develop an exciting and inspiring careers programme for our Sixth Form students. We want to ensure that students leave Bolton Sixth Form, equipped for the next step of their career journey.  By developing an awareness of their own skills and interests, students can make informed decisions about their own careers and go onto enjoy a happy and successful future.” – Jill Whitham, Careers Officer.


How our Careers Department has benefited our students:


“They will help you to find a work experience placement, practice interview techniques and they organise additional speakers and universities to come in and talk to you. Without the Careers Department – I wouldn’t have chosen to pursue a career in Medicine.” – 2nd Year A Level student.  

This achievement is only possible because of all the hard work and support that the careers department have put in and continue to put in to secure the best possible futures for our students.