Business Studies A Level

Course Description

Business is everywhere!  All of us at some point in our lives will work for a business.  The skills you will develop on the course can be used in your working life and even at home!  For example budgeting is something we all have to do in our private lives. You will study all the core components of business which will enable you to get that career path moving in the way you want it too!

Entry Requirements

Students studying four A Levels will be expected to have a minimum of 6 GCSEs at grade 7, 8 or 9 including English Language and Mathematics at grade 6 or above. Students studying three A Levels will be expected to have a minimum of two GCSEs at grade 6 and three GCSEs at grade 4 including English Language and Mathematics at grade 4.

Course Content

The college teaches the AQA syllabus which includes the following units: What is Business?; Managers; Leadership and decision making; Decision making to improve marketing performance; Decision making to improve operational performance; Decision making to improve financial performance; Decision making to improve human resource performance; Analysing the strategic position of a business; Choosing strategic direction; Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies; Managing strategic change.

Business Studies is a very popular and well established subject. As people work in some form of business organisation, it is without doubt one of the most important and relevant subjects to study. It combines well with almost any other subject and it is held in high regard by universities and employers. Throughout the course you will develop transferable skills including the ability to problem solve, analyse and make evaluative judgements.


All assessment is completed via examination at the end of the two years. There are three exams of two hours which covers all areas of the specification (AQA). The exam format is a combination of multiple choice, data response and extended written question.

Enrichment and Work Experience

You will be involved in financial markets selling virtual shares and researching the FTSE 100.  You will keep a portfolio of current affairs which relates to the main sectors of industry with a prize awarded for the best portfolio.  Visits to the Tutor2u sessions together with planned trips to Alton Towers and Jaguar will support some core topics. There is an expectation to complete a minimum of one week work placement in the summer term. You will be proactive in finding a placement that will enable you to use your skills and to enrich your experience so that any applications for university or employment will show that you have good practical, as well as good academic levels of achievement.

Additional Information

Links with other subjects:
Business Studies can be studied with many other subjects and links well with Economics, Accounting, ICT and Mathematics.

Future Career Opportunities

Studying A Level Business Studies opens many doors and the majority of our students go on to higher education to study Business related degrees such as Economics, Law, Accounting, Marketing, Leisure and Tourism, Politics and Business itself. Future careers include teaching, marketing, management, owning your own business, finance and accounting, banking and working in the retail sector.

Why Study at BSFC?

You can be assured of a warm welcome by our staff. The department prides itself on the guidance and support we give to our students. All students are valued and included and regardless of your ability you are encouraged to achieve your full potential. We have excellent resources including first-rate IT facilities which will help enhance your learning. Visiting speakers are encouraged and they bring their real life experiences to our classrooms. The course is taught by experienced staff and results are consistently high and students achieve well above the national average. Results in recent years have been in the top 25% and around 50% of our students achieve between A* and B grades.