Criminology Single Vocational A Level (BTEC Extended Certificate)

Course Description

Criminology is a new and innovative course which looks at the lives of both criminals and victims. This course challenges the criminal justice system and questions why some crimes are unreported. The mandatory units will give you an insight into why people commit crime and the extent of punishment. Studying Criminology will widen your knowledge of the courtroom and inspect a crime scene. This course is especially appealing to those who have a thirst for delving into the minds of criminals.

Entry Requirements

Students will be expected to have a minimum of two GCSEs at grade B/6 and three GCSEs at grade C/4 including English Language and Mathematics at grade 4. This course may be taken alongside A Level courses and may be more suited to learners with a strong profile of prior attainment in vocational studies.

Course Content

The first unit will enable you to demonstrate your understanding of different types of crime and the influences on perceptions of crime.

The second unit will allow you to gain an understanding of why people commit crime.
The third unit will provide an understanding of the criminal justice system from the moment
a crime has been identified to the verdict. Finally, you will apply their understanding of the awareness of criminality, criminological theories and the process of bringing an accused to court in order to evaluate the effectiveness of social control to deliver criminal justice policies.

Links with other subjects:
Criminology combines well with other social science and humanities subjects such as; Law, Psychology and Sociology.

Future Career Opportunities

The qualification will offer you a variety of opportunities as well as gaining an insight into the criminal mind, the UK justice systems policy and practice and societal reactions to crime. Future career opportunities may include work within social policy and the government, probation, the police and prisons, social work, the youth offending team and forensic psychology.

Why Study at BSFC?

This is a dynamic and stimulating subject, offering students an exciting and effective experience of learning. BSFC offers a wide range of support to students throughout the year.