Extended Project Qualification AS Level

Course Description

The Extended Project offers you a unique opportunity to develop essential skills for higher education and the workplace, in a subject area of your own choice. It gives you more control over your studies than ever before.

Entry Requirements

You will be expected to have at least two GCSEs at Grade B/6 and three GCSEs at Grade C/4including English Language and Mathematics at Grade C/4.

Course Content

You will produce either a 5000 word report, record the process involved and perform a presentation or submit an artefact, a 1000 word report, record the process involved and perform a presentation. The artefact can be anything on the lines of, a musical piece, a model, a painting or a sculpture. At the start of the project you will be given help and advice on setting a suitable title and will be taught the skills required to help you complete a piece of independent research. You will be asked to think of what you are interested in. This could be a university degree choice, a career aspiration, a hobby or an area of interest to you outside of your studies. It is really up to you and your area of interest. This level of choice and flexibility means you are engaged and motivated, and gain valuable research and project management skills along the way. You will meet your supervisor 4.5 hours a week, the same as any other subject. The project is excellent preparation for university study. Many universities are looking at the Extended Project Qualification as a clear demonstration of a student’s readiness for undergraduate study and demonstrates you have the necessary skills. The project is designed to show universities and potential employers you have the skills to carry out an independent report to a high standard. Links with other subjects: The Extended Project Qualification combines extremely well with most subjects. Students often take the Extended Project Qualification as a fourth subject along with three traditional subjects. It offers you the opportunity to explore in depth an aspect of a subject you are studying or a topic in which you have a personal interest. In the past students have undertaken a wide range of projects; these include the impact of global warming, the ethics involved in stem cell research, how far should prisoners be punished to the philosophy of Japanese Manga!