Further Mathematics A Level

Course Description

Studying Further Mathematics at A Level will greatly extend your ability to prove, solve, reason and analyse through the understanding of multiple new mathematical concepts. We will develop topics from A Level Mathematics and introduce a broad range of exciting new material that will challenge your mathematical abilities and inspire you in equal parts. As a further mathematician, your high order thinking skills will be a valuable part of your extensive and multi-functional skill set, making you highly prized by the UK’s elite universities and leading employers.

Entry Requirements

Students studying three A Levels will be expected to have a minimum of three GCSEs at grade 6, GCSE grade 8 or 9 in Mathematics and no less than grade 5 in English Language and at least one other grade 5 or above.

Course Content

The Further Mathematics course is made up of four modules:
Pure Core 1 and Pure Core 2 are compulsory Pure mathematics modules. These extend familiar ideas from A Level mathematics including Series, Proof and Calculus and also introduce new ideas such as Matrices, Complex Numbers and Hyperbolic Functions.
You will learn entirely new concepts in the remaining two modules which are chosen from:
Mechanics which includes, Momentum & Impulse, Elasticity and Work-Energy principles.
Statistics which includes, Quality Testing, Poisson and Geometric distributions.
Decision which includes, Algorithms, Graphs & Networks and Linear Programming.
Further Pure which includes, Vectors, Conic Sections and Reduction formulae.


There are four exams at the end of the second year.
Paper 1 and Paper 2 assess Pure mathematics and are compulsory.
Paper 3 and Paper 4 each assess one of the following options: Mechanics, Statistics, Further Pure and Decision. Year groups and intended progression destinations determine which options are studied.

Enrichment and Work Experience

Students within the Mathematics department enjoy various enrichment activities:
• Guest speakers from the University of Manchester
• The UK Mathematics Challenge in conjunction with the University of Leeds.
• ‘Maths Inspiration’ lectures
• Further Mathematicians have the opportunity to attend a two day residential course, ‘Making Maths @ Manchester’ at the University of Manchester
There is an opportunity to complete a one-week work placement in the summer term.

Additional Information

To study Further Mathematics you must study A Level Mathematics, they are two separate A Levels.

Future Career Opportunities

Further Mathematics qualifications are prestigious and are strongly welcomed by universities. Studying Further Mathematics at A Level lays the groundwork for undergraduate study, assisting in the transition from further education to higher education. Many of the topics studied in Further Mathematics are expanded upon during the first year at university.

Why study at The Sixth Form Bolton?

The Mathematics Department are an enthusiastic, motivated and student focussed team who offer unfailing support for all students to accelerate learning and maximise progress.