Further Mathematics A Level

Course Description

If you are studying A Level Mathematics and enjoy the challenge of solving problems you should also consider choosing Further Mathematics A Level.

Further Mathematics can provide a challenge and a chance to explore new and/or more sophisticated mathematical concepts. Students taking Further Mathematics find it to be an enjoyable, rewarding, stimulating and empowering experience. It enables you to distinguish yourself as an able mathematician in the university and employment market and it will make the transition to a mathematics-related university course much easier.

Entry Requirements

Students studying four A Levels will be expected to have a minimum of 6 GCSEs at grade A/A*/7, 8 or 9 including English Language and grade 8 or 9 in Mathematics. Students studying three A Levels will be expected to have a minimum of three GCSEs at grade B/6 with grade 8 or 9 in Mathematics and no less than a grade C/5 in English language.

Course Content

If you are planning to take a Mathematics-related degree at university (this covers a very wide range of academic areas including Engineering, Sciences, Computing, Finance/Economics etc. as well as Mathematics itself) then you will benefit enormously from taking Further Mathematics.

You will study many new topics including Further Pure Mathematics (matrices, complex numbers, inequalities, proof by induction, polar co-ordinates, and power series), Decision Mathematics (algorithms, networks, critical path analysis) and Statistics (collecting and interpreting data and using probability models). Studying Further Mathematics is also likely to boost your performance in the standard A Level Mathematics.

Links with other subjects:
If you’re taking Further Mathematics you will also need to study Mathematics. Many Maths and Further Maths students also study Physics, Chemistry, Business Studies, Psychology or Computer Science. Maths and Further Maths combine well with a wide range of other subjects.

Future Career Opportunities

Further Mathematics qualifications are prestigious and are strongly welcomed by universities. Students that take Further Mathematics are demonstrating a strong commitment to their studies as well as learning mathematics that is very useful for any maths-related degree (including Engineering and Physics).