Law (Applied)

Course Description

Study the law of negligence, homicide and property offences. How do the courts decide who should be punished? How does the English legal system deal with offenders? These and other questions about our law are asked during the course. If you are interested in criminal and civil law, this course could be for you. You will learn how the law is applied through various case studies.

Entry Requirements

Students studying three A Levels will be expected to have a minimum of two GCSEs at grade 6 and three GCSEs at grade 5/4, including English Language and Mathematics at grade 5/4 or above. Or eight GCSEs at a minimum of grade 5. This course may be taken alongside A Level courses and may be more suited to learners with a strong profile of prior attainment in vocational studies.

Features of the Course

The course provides an introduction to law, a ’taster’ for study at degree level and will enable you to explore an exciting and challenging new subject. You will develop research, communication, presentation, decision making and critical thinking skills valued by universities and employers. There are two units studied in each year of the course.

Year 1
Unit 1: Dispute Solving in English Law
Students explore how civil disputes are resolved, both in the courts and by alternative means. They will examine precedent and its application in the law of negligence.

Unit 2: Investigating Aspects of Criminal Law and the Legal System
Students research how laws are made and interpreted, who advises and decides on the outcome of criminal cases and the punishments that can be imposed if laws are broken. They will then present advice to clients on non-fatal offence case studies.

Year 2
Unit 3: Applying the Law
Students examine the law related to specific crimes, including homicide and offences against property. They will explore the police procedures for dealing with such offences

Unit 4: Aspects of Family Law
Learners explore the requirements of a valid marriage and civil partnership, the laws governing the breakdown of relationships, as well as how disputes over children are resolved by the courts.


In each year of the course, one unit is assessed internally by coursework and the other by externally assessed task. Students undertake research in preparation for this task and are able refer to notes whilst completing it. You will achieve a grade for each unit. These grades will then combine to form your final overall grade. The majority of students achieve Distinction* or Distinction grades.

Exam Board: Pearson RQF

Enrichment and Work Experience

There are great opportunities for enrichment in Law as there are a wide-range of different activities and events involving legal professionals and universities. Educational visits include the Police Museum and the Courts. You can also join the Law Society and be a member of The Sixth Form team, competing against other schools and colleges in the Bar National Mock Trial competition as a lawyer, witness, court clerk, usher or court artist. There is also the opportunity to participate in a mooting competition hosted by the University of Law. Members of the Law Society also showcase their talents by putting on mock trials for local schools.

Additional Information

This is suitable for students who want to study Law but prefer to complete coursework and assessed tasks rather than formal examinations.

Links With Other Subjects

This course combines well with other advanced level courses. For those interested in a career in business or accountancy it could be combined with Business, Accounting and IT. For those interested in criminology/social work it could be combined with Psychology and Sociology.

Future Career Opportunities

The course will give you the opportunity to develop a range of skills, techniques and attitudes essential for successful performance in the working world. Successful completion will enable you to access university degrees to study within the field of law or enhance employment opportunities and higher apprenticeships within the legal sector.

Why study at The Sixth Form Bolton?

You will experience outstanding teaching by subject experts and extensive support to ensure you reach your potential. There are excellent enrichment opportunities, including the Bar National Mock Trial Competition, visits to the Magistrates’ and Crown Courts and activities with legal professionals and universities. At The Sixth Form, you will have the opportunity to study the specialist option of Family Law as part of the course, a much sought after area in the legal profession and one that is not covered by A Level.