Science (Applied) Single Vocational A Level (BTEC Extended Certificate)

Course Description

Do you enjoy learning science in a practical way? Do you have a particular interest in applications of science? Do you want to build up a science portfolio to complement other studies? A strong foundation is laid in all aspects of science and then there is a focus on one biological units in the second year.

Entry Requirements

Students will be expected to have a minimum of two GCSEs at grade B/6 and three GCSEs at grade C/4 including English Language and Mathematics at grade 4. You should also have Grade C in two Science GCSE subjects (Core Science and Additional Science or separate Science subjects). This course may be taken alongside A Level courses and may be more suited to learners with a strong profile of prior attainment in vocational studies.

Course Content

In the first year you will study two mandatory units in which you will look at aspects of physics, chemistry and biology. They will explore areas of scientific principles and their applications as well as scientific procedures and practices. One of the units will be assessed in the form of a written test marked externally. Another unit will be assessed by an internally set assignment.

The first year consists of two units, which are:

• Principles and applications of science (I)
• Practical scientific procedures and techniques

In the second year you will study two more units. One of which is mandatory where you will study science investigation skills. You will study one optional unit that will be offered from one of the three areas of science. This unit will be assessed by an internally set assignment. The unit offered may be from any one of the following options:

Physiology of human body system; Human regulation and reproduction; Biological molecules and metabolic pathways ; Genetics and genetic engineering; Applications of Inorganic Chemistry; Applications of organic chemistry; Electrical circuits and their application.

Links with other subjects:

This course complements studies in A Level courses such as P.E., Psychology, Sociology, Business Studies and also A Levels in other science subjects.

Future Career Opportunities

The practical knowledge you acquire in this course and the ability to analyse data will be extremely useful if you want to go on to do a degree for example in Psychology, Sociology, Nursing or Sport.

Why Study at BSFC?

We have up-to-date facilities in the science laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment. Lessons are varied and interesting and include a combination of theory, practical and assignment work. Scenarios set the scene for assignment work and are realistic and vocational in context.