Sociology A Level

Course Description

Sociology is the study of how society is organised and how we experience life. Sociology can open up your mind and change the way in which you view society and the groups that exist within it; the course provides opportunities to study many interesting aspects of society.

Entry Requirements

Students studying four A Levels will be expected to have a minimum of 6 GCSEs at grade A/A*/7, 8 or 9 including English Language and Mathematics at grade 6 or above. Students studying three A Levels will be expected to have a minimum of two GCSEs at grade B/6 and three GCSEs at grade C/4 including English Language and Mathematics at grade 4.

Course Content

We follow the AQA specification and you will study the following:

Families and Households:
This topic acts as an introductory unit to the course and it focuses on the study of how families and households have changed since industrialisation. Topics include socialisation, the changing nature of children’s and women’s position in society and within the family, the change in the types of family that exist and how changes in demography and how it impacts on society.

Education with Research Methods in Context:
This topic gives you the opportunity to build upon your previous knowledge and learn about how the education system impacts upon individuals, different social groups and society itself. You will study the history of education, government policies affecting achievement and the various different Sociological explanations of achievement.
Ever wondered exactly how Sociologists decide what to research and how to research it? You will also be able to apply your knowledge and understanding of education to research methods and gain an insight into how both Sociologists and government agencies conduct their research.

Links with other subjects:
Sociology combines well with a range of subjects, including Politics, REP, Psychology and Law

Future Career Opportunities

Sociology is a subject that can be valuable in any career, it is the study of society after all! More specifically Sociology can provide career opportunities within both the private and public sector, for example, social work, teaching, work which involves developing social policy and working within governments. In addition, work and careers within the media and marketing sector. It is a very people subject.

Why Study at BSFC?

ociology is taught in a dynamic and stimulating way, offering students an exciting and effective experience of learning. BSFC offers a wide range of support to Sociology students throughout the year.