Urdu A Level

Course Description

If you are interested in building on your success at GCSE and developing your ability to communicate in one of the world’s most widely spoken languages then Urdu may well be the language for you. Our aim is to help you to succeed and become more confident speaking the language. We offer full use of modern facilities and access to local language events. You will also have the opportunity to practice your skills with a native Urdu speaking teacher in small classes.

Entry Requirements

Students studying four A Levels will be expected to have a minimum of 6 GCSEs at grade 7, 8 or 9 including English Language and Mathematics at grade 6 or above. Students studying three A Levels will be expected to have a minimum of two GCSEs at grade 6 and three GCSEs at grade 4 including English Language and Mathematics at grade 4.

Course Content

During the course you will learn to develop your understanding of spoken and written Urdu and improve the accuracy and complexity of Urdu text and its interpretation. You will develop critical insight into the contemporary society of the South Asian Subcontinent. The majority of the lessons are in Urdu and range over the topics below:

Youth culture and concerns: music and fashion; relationships; communication technology; Lifestyle; health and fitness; sports and exercise;

The world around us: travel and tourism; environmental issues; the Urdu speaking world

Education and employment: the world of work; student issues; school/higher education

National and International events: Customs, traditions, beliefs and religions and literature and the arts.


The Edexcel (examination board) divides the assessment into four units:
Year one Unit 1 Speaking 15% (8-10 minutes)
Year one Unit 2 Listening, Reading and Writing 35% (2hrs 30 minutes)
Year two Unit 3 Speaking 17.5% (11-13 minutes)
Year two Unit 4 Writing 32.5% (2hrs 30 minutes)
Your progress will also be assessed on a regular basis through set pieces of homework as well as vocabulary and grammar tests.


Enrichment and Work Experience

There are opportunities to go to 'Home' in Manchester during the Spanish Film Festival and other dedicated language events at local universities.

Additional Information

Links with other subjects:
Urdu combines well many subjects including Science, English and Humanities.

Future Career Opportunities

Students who have advanced Urdu language skills enter many professions including: Translating and interpreting and business related careers including marketing; accountancy; travel and tourism; civil and diplomatic service; teaching; Public administration and media and journalism.

Why Study at BSFC?

There are few schools in Bolton which offer Urdu beyond GCSE. Fewer still are able to match the breadth and depth of both knowledge and resources that we offer at the College. A Level Urdu is accepted by universities and employers as proof of linguistic ability and understanding.