Frequently Asked Questions

What if my son/daughter doesn’t achieve their predicted GCSE grades?

Don’t worry! They should bring their results along to their enrolment interview and we will endeavour to find them an appropriate alternative course.

Your son/daughter will be on holiday when GCSE results come out, what should they do?

• Inform the Admissions Team as soon as possible that they are away during enrolment and confirm the holiday dates
• Liaise with school to have GCSE results collected, emailed or posted during their absence
• Attend the re-arranged enrolment interview with their GCSE results

What if your son/daughter changes their mind about their chosen courses?

We will discuss other course options at enrolment.

Are there any travel grants available?

You are eligible for a travel grant if you live more than 4 miles from The Sixth Form. 

What enrichment programmes are there available at The Sixth Form?

The Sixth Form has a wide range of enrichment opportunities available.
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Is there a bursary or hardship fund available?

The Sixth Form receives bursary funding to assist students with financial needs.
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