Futures Academy







The Programme – Health and Social Care

The Futures Academy is designed to boost academic and career prospects for students. The Academy offers a specialised one year programme of study for able and ambitious students who want to go far in health related industries by giving them a ‘competitive’ edge.  

The benefits

  • Exposure to many employers & health related industries
  • Trips to various University taster days
  • Free uniform, nurses watch and name badge
  • A weeks placement within a private hospital. During this period you will learn how patients are referred and administered to the hospital, observe various departments such as Radiography, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy and Clinical governance.
  • Practice interview sessions and personal statement help
  • Capital Experience – Experience an overnight stay in London, visiting various health related museums and lectures that will provide you with a contextual and holistic understanding of medicine throughout the ages.
  • Masterclasses with leading practitioners

The impact

  • Students will be better prepared for the university application process
  • Students are exposed to a wide range of experience
  • Practical ‘hands on’ experience allows students to visualise their career
  • Opportunities to make the right connections with leading practitioners
  • By combining all this experience with their academic studies, students will have that all important competitive edge.


Listen to the Futures Academy radio ad produced by our students