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Date Posted: 10/03/2023 | Posted In: Health & Social Care, PE & SPORTS SCIENCE, Science

Over fifty first-year students became ‘surgeons for the day’ in February. The Applied Science, Biology, Chemistry, Health & Social Care, Physics and Sports students came into B6, in their half term break, to take part in the amazing Anatomy Lab

B6 Students taking part in The Anatomy Lab, a live dissection experience

B6 Students Taking Part in The Anatomy Lab


The Anatomy Lab is an award-winning experience that showcases real anatomy. The experience took students inside all of the main anatomical structures to see, touch and feel the real organ specimens. Lead by award-winning human anatomist and qualified teacher, Sam Piri, the session packed rigorously academic content into a hands-on practical enquiry-based learning experience where the students were able to apply, analyse and evaluate aspects of anatomy, physiology & disease all related to core concepts within their subject areas’ specifications.

Anatomy Lab Bus

Anatomy Lab Bus

The sessions that the students took part in were:

  • Session 1 | Procedural Approach- The anatomical position, technical dissection skill, organs, tissues & cells
  • Session 2 | Head & Neck- Full cranial cavity dissection, brain, meninges & spinal cord
  • Session 3 | The Thorax- Larynx, trachea, heart & mediastinum, lungs & diaphragm 
  • Session 4 | The Abdomen- Oesophagus, stomach, liver & gall bladder, intestines, colon, & rectum
B6 students taking part in Anatomy Lab, a live dissection experience

B6 students taking part in Anatomy Lab

​First-year A Level Biology, Chemistry and Psychology student, Kaif Shukla was really positive about the session and said:

” It was a great hands-on experience and I really enjoyed it and found it very beneficial for learning the basics of surgery which I found fascinating. I would recommend it to anyone  and I am very fortunate to be able to have been a part of it.”

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