Honours Programme

What is the Honours Programme?

The Honours Programme is unique to The Sixth Form, offering our students a distinctive set of opportunities for academic achievement and personal development and giving them the competitive edge they need when applying for the highest quality courses and the most prestigious universities in the country.

University Preparation

The Honours Programme is open to students with a strong academic profile. Typically, students will have achieved mostly A* -A grades. The programme will appeal to students who have an interest in exploring the option of attending one of the country’s top universities. Our aim is to work with students to boost their skills and confidence, give them early access to university style learning and enable them to make a more informed decision about applying for their chosen university course.

All of these activities form part of the Honours and Raising Aspirations Programme:

Prestigious Universities Programme

This programme offers students an excellent range of support to enable them to make high quality applications to top universities.

The support includes workshops on completing applications and talks from visiting academics and former students. Currently, there are a high number of former students studying at Russell Group Universities and the 1994 group of universities, including Cambridge, Manchester, Durham, Warwick and Liverpool.

The Sutton Trust – Summer Schools

The Trust funds week-long Summer Schools each year which offer high achieving students a taste of life at a leading university; giving students the knowledge and insight to make high quality university applications.

Cambridge HE+ Scheme

Students complete extension classes and spend a day at Cambridge University exploring interview techniques and experiencing life as a Cambridge University student.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Level 3 is an additional qualification that students can opt to take if they have a genuine passion for a subject area and would enjoy the opportunity of researching it to undergraduate level standard whilst experiencing university style supervisions.  All our students who have completed EPQ have said they would strongly recommend it to you as it has helped them to secure offers from prestigious universities whilst simultaneously allowing them to indulge in research in their chosen subject.

Mock Interviews, Conferences & Guest Speakers

Students are able to take part in mock interviews with university tutors and graduates to help them prepare for their university interview. Throughout the year, students can also attend a range of conferences and seminars, delivered by guest speakers, including representatives from leading organisations such as Ernst and Young, KPMG, and professors from top universities such as Manchester and Liverpool.

Preparing for Prestigious Universities

Villiers Park

Students have the opportunity to take part in a residential at Villiers Park which gives them a taste of what to expect at university. Villiers Park Educational Trust is a recognised charity that provides motivational, educational activities to inspire young people towards better learning and helps them to progress to leading universities. It provides support, courses and online activities for 16-19 year-olds and works with schools and colleges to improve teaching and learning. Students have the opportunity to mix and share ideas with other college students from up and down the country who are passionate about the subjects they are studying.

Academic Support Tutorials

To achieve top grades, students need individual attention. In addition to the informal support which students can expect in and out of the classroom, The Sixth Form also offers its unique provision of Academic Support Tutorials.

Academic Support Tutorials are timetabled sessions for individuals or small groups which allow teachers to meet the needs of students on a one-to-one basis or as part of a small group.

These tutorials are offered in addition to the Sixth Form’s Study Support Programme, providing additional assistance for students who may have specialist individual needs such as dyslexia or simply for those students who need extra help with some aspect of their studies. Academic Support Tutorials are certainly not just for students with very specific individual needs. Students who want to achieve the very highest grades or who need extra help to step up a grade will also be seen in Academic Support Tutorials.

Pre-Professional Courses

A step in the right direction. Our Pre-Professional programmes are innovative, targeted courses which you can take alongside your regular studies. They are aimed at helping you to make an informed choice about your future, whilst encouraging breadth and depth of study and research in your chosen career path.

Entry onto medical related degrees such as Medicine, Veterinary Science, Dentistry and Pharmacy, and degree programmes such as Law, and Teaching is extremely competitive and therefore only the brightest students who can demonstrate passion and enthusiasm for their subject plus an indication of dedication by undertaking work experience, will gain the top places.

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