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Music Teacher top of the official Classical Chart!

Date Posted: 22/10/2020 | Posted In: Music

Music Teacher top of the official Classical Chart! The Sixth Form Bolton’s very own talented Matthew Routley is currently making a global impact at the top of the Classical Music Chart with his band. This is the first time a brass band has ever achieved this accolade and we are very proud of what Matthew has accomplished with the Black Dyke Band.

The Black Dyke Band were also featured as Classic FM’s Album of the Week (from 5th October), another first for a brass band. 

Matthew said, “The Classic FM Album of the Week nomination was quite something, but then to top the Classical Music Chart is an amazing achievement for a brass band. In these difficult times with no rehearsals and concerts taking place, this was a great reminder of what is possible with music”.

Matthew started playing a brass instrument, a Baritone at the age of seven. In June 1995 Matthew joined Black Dyke and now plays the Tuba. In all these years of playing, the highlights are too numerous to mention, but this latest achievement has to be up there at the top of the list now! The most important thing after all this time is the thrill Matthew still feels when he puts on the famous red, black and gold jacket.

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Matthew has travelled the world with his band and has a real wealth of experience that our students genuinely benefit from. If you would like more information about studying Music with Matthew, our chart topping Music Teacher here at The Sixth Form Bolton, please click here.