Natural Born Leaders

Natural Born Leaders Programme

Are you studying Public Services? Law? Or just want to improve your confidence by learning how to become a leader? Whatever your reason, our Natural Born Leaders programme will develop your skills by allowing you to meet some of the leading figures within the Greater Manchester Police Force.


  • Students will participate in riot training.
  • Conduct a fake bomb search within a specific allotted timeframe.
  • Meet the Dog Support Unit, SC&019 Specialist Firearms Command, Air Support Unit and  Territorial Support Group.
  • Learn how to speak as a leader
  • Following completion of the course, students will be presented with a Certificate by the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police


  • Have excellent experience for UCAS applications
  • Boost your CV
  • Understand the recruitment process for Greater Manchester Police
  • It’s fun, engaging and students will grow their confidence and leadership skills.

Download Natural Born Leaders Application Form