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COVID-19 UPDATE 04.01.2022

Date Posted: 04/01/2022 | Posted In: General News, Parent News, Student News, Student Updates

Dear student and parent/carer,

I hope you and your families are well and that you have had an enjoyable holiday.

Following the Government announcements regarding the return to schools and colleges for the start of this January term and the guidance issued, we have reviewed our current Covid procedures and made some adjustments. We have made the changes with student and staff safety in mind and that of our extended families and wider community.  

The Sixth Form reopens to students on Thursday 6 January, students are expected to attend all sessions on their timetable as normal. However:

  • Students should only attend as and when they have a timetabled lesson, support session, tutorial, 1:1 or other pre-arranged appointment and should vacate the premises immediately after these sessions are completed.
  • Students do not come to The Sixth Form if they are experiencing any symptoms (if in doubt please stay at home)
  • Students up to 18 years and 6 months or fully vaccinated if older, identified as a close contact of someone with COVID-19, should take an LFD test every day for seven days and continue to attend college as normal unless they have a positive test result or develop symptoms at any time. Anyone developing symptoms should stay at home and arrange to have a PCR test as soon as possible.


Testing before returning to college

Students should take one self-test at home either the evening or morning before they return to The Sixth Form in January, then continue to test twice weekly at home. The latest guidance advises that even if you have tested positive for Covid-19 within the last 90 days, you are strongly encouraged to continue with the lateral flow tests as soon as you have completed your isolation period – this is a change to previous guidance.


Face coverings to be worn in classrooms from Thursday 6 January

It is now compulsory for face coverings to be be worn in all areas (including in class) at all times, unless exempt or in situations where wearing a face covering would impact the ability to take part in the activity, for example during sports lessons or other physical activity. It is the student’s individual responsibility to ensure they have an appropriate face covering(s) available.  Please can all students ensure that they bring a face covering each day. 

Face coverings MUST be worn correctly – they MUST:

  • Be tight to the face and cover mouth and nose
  • You must not pull down your face mask when for example, talking to friends, addressing a member of staff or making a phone call
  • (If you are wearing a single use disposable mask} be ‘pinched’ to the bridge of your nose
  • Not be flapping or slipping down, this means they are not doing the job they should be doing
  • Single use masks must be thrown away in the correct bin on exit from The Sixth Form. If you also travel on public transport, you need to have additional masks each day to wear on buses/trains to and from College.
  • Reusable masks should be washed daily

Students who are medically exempt should please see student services who will arrange for them to be issued with an exemption lanyard. Students who are self-declaring they are exempt will be required to wear a clear plastic visor instead of a face covering.


General Student Code of Conduct

In college students must adhere to the COVID-19 student code of conduct including:

  • Sanitising hands on entry to the building
  • Sanitising hands regularly when on premises – entering classrooms, using equipment, after breaks               
  • Following the one-way system
  • Arriving appropriately equipped for lessons


January exams will take place as normal.

January exams are going ahead as planned for students studying some vocational qualifications – individual exam/external assessment timetables were shared with students via their student portal before Christmas. 



Vaccination are reported to reduce the likelihood of infection or serious illness, so we encourage all those eligible (whether first, second or booster jabs) to arrange an appointment as soon as they can.


We will continue to do all we can so students can continue to learn on-site. Currently, The Sixth Form is in a good position with very few incidences of staff or students needing to self-isolate last term. Our COVID-19 protocols have been working well and I greatly appreciate the support of all in keeping each other and our communities as safe as we can.

However, there will be occasions when individual or groups of students might be required to work remotely, (including for example self-isolation).  If this happens, arrangements will be made so students can continue to work effectively from home. 

I greatly appreciate the support of all in keeping each other and our communities as safe as we can.

Thank you and best wishes for the New Year to you all.

Stuart Merrills, Principal