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Update: Remote Learning Provision

Date Posted: 15/02/2021 | Posted In: Parent News, Student News, Student Updates

All year groups are receiving remote learning as per their normal timetabled lessons. Lessons are live and delivered in the learners normal timetabled periods. This provision includes all curriculum subjects, tutorial sessions and tutorial support on a one to one basis. Lessons are also recorded in order that learners who are ill or self-isolating are able to access classroom materials. Enrichment offers, HE workshops and guest speakers continue to be delivered remotely.

Remote learning is supported by a range of accessible materials on subject specific platforms such as TEAMS in order that wider learning materials can also be accessed by learners and to submit their work.

The expectations of all learners are that they participate in lessons in real time unless they are ill. If this is the case they must report their absences as per normal college procedures and will be able to access the lesson from the recording and all materials that supported the lesson.

Learners who require specialist materials such as art materials or subject specific software such as for music courses have access to these materials/software.

Digital poverty and connectivity issues are being supported with laptop loans where learners meet college requirements. In some subjects, learners are attending College for planned blocks of time in order to support their needs in very practical subjects such as performing art, art and music courses. Priority is being given to year 2 learners on these courses.

SEND learners continue to have access to the college premises and specialist support. In some instances, for learners requiring support but are not SEND, those learners have been invited to take up a place in College to undertake their remote timetabled lessons and also access wider support.