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Updated Arrangements: National Lockdown

Date Posted: 05/01/2021 | Posted In: Parent News, Student News, Student Updates

Dear Parent/Guardian/Carer/Student,

Following yesterday’s announcement, I find myself in the position of having to write to you again to advise of further revision to arrangements for the start of this term. It is with great regret that, in compliance with the new guidelines, The Sixth Form now moves into the position of fully remote learning from now until at least the February half term.

Remote Learning Provision

The Sixth Form will run a full programme of remote lessons following its normal timetable in live time. I.e. all lessons will be provided online on all days, in all subjects at their expected timetabled start and finish times, students are expected to attend, register and participate in these classes exactly as they would do following their normal timetable. Students unable to attend due to illness should contact student services as normal.

Tutor group sessions will also take place remotely each week as per their normal timetable and students are reminded of the importance of ensuring that they attend these as well, as this is where important updates, messages and guidance will be provided. Alongside this scheduled one-to- meetings with Tutors will also take place online. Tutors will be in regular contact to monitor progress and we ask for support, when required, to ensure that their son/daughter continues to be engaged with their studies.

Students must check their Sixth Form email accounts daily to receive updates and information from their teachers and tutors. Student college email accounts will be the main form of communication used to contact individual students.


The announcement made on Monday January 4th stated that key GCSE and A level examinations in their current format for summer 2021 will be cancelled. Other than this, as yet there has been no further information as to how these examination grades will then be awarded. The government has outlined that options as to how to award these examinations will be explored with Ofqual over the coming weeks. Please be assured that I will update you as soon as any clarification is received. Please note that at this time the statement made by the government does not cover BTEC/Vocational and other examinations. Again, for these students please be assured that I will update you as soon as any clarification is received.

In this situation I must state to all students that continued engagement, hard work and motivation in your studies is vital to ensure that you achieve the outcomes of which you are capable and that you want to achieve. Utmost effort, meeting deadlines and achieving the best grade you can, on all forms of assessment set during this period, is key to building a picture toward the final grade you may be awarded.

Bursary and Free Schools Provision

Payments will be made directly into student accounts for the duration of this period.

On Premises Attendance

Parents/Guardians/Carers/Students are advised that attendance on site can only occur with prior arrangement/prior appointment and that for any attendance on-site COVID-19 codes of conduct must be adhered to.

The Sixth Form fully understands the need for the provisions put in place by central government and intends to meet the needs of its students to the best of its ability over these continued difficult times. For vulnerable and supported students in-college provision is available if required and the Learning Services/Student Support teams will be in contact to make individual arrangements. For any other student or parent/guardian/carer who at any point over the coming weeks needs any extra help, support or information please contact their Tutor or email

The Sixth Form will continue to endeavour to provide its students with a high-quality learning experience, support and advice and guidance for onward progression. I sincerely urge all students and families to follow current guidelines, so that we can return to face to face lessons as soon as possible. Please be assured I and all my staff are working toward the best outcomes for all our students.

Yours sincerely,

Stuart Merrills – Principal