Performing Arts Academy

Join the Performing Arts Academy

What is the Performing Arts Academy?

Set up with the support of The Octagon Theatre Bolton, the Academy will provide you with greater opportunities to access theatre and performing arts. The Academy will further enhance your studies and help you develop essential skills associated with performance.

Do I need to audition?

No you don’t. You will have already auditioned to gain entry to one of the performing arts courses so therefore you gain automatic entry to the Academy. 

Will it cost me any money?

There is no joining fee but sometimes we organise trips and residential visits that have a cost attached to them. If you wish to study towards your LAMDA exams there is also a small cost involved.  To find out more visit Stirling Academy and Actors Agency

These are not compulsory and most of what we offer such as the exclusive Octagon workshops are completely free.  

What kind of activities or opportunities do you offer?

  • A chance to study for LAMDA exams (London Academy of Dramatic Arts) through Sterling Academy
  • Workshops for guest practitioners, agencies and universities.
  • Live theatre visits
  • University visits
  • Guest speakers
  • Competitions e.g The National Theatre Connections Festival
  • A chance to access the professional industry via our link with The Octagon and Bolton University
  • Exclusive workshops at The Octagon focusing on areas such as theatre design, directing and audition skills
  • Play investigation days at The Octagon
  • Mentoring programmes
  • A chance to perform at large professional theatres such as The Albert Halls and The Z-arts Theatre in Manchester
  • Access to our enrichment programme (a part in our large scale theatre production or musical)
  • A chance to go on residential trips
  • Free professional headshots
  • Casting workshops

What are the Benefits?

  • Strengthen your University Applications
  • Become a well-rounded confident performer and learn new skills. You won’t just be studying to pass your exams; you will also learn how to become a performer in the professional industry
  • Build confidence ready for your auditions
  • Career development opportunities
  • Improve your performance CV
  • Learn how to work in a professional company and experience working in a professional theatre
  • Make friends and have fun
  • Be part of a group and learn how to work as a team

Universities, theatres and agencies we currently work with

LIPA summer school 

The Octagon Theatre

Stirling Academy and Actors Agency

Arden School of Theatre 


Leeds Becket 

Manchester University 

To find out more or ask a question please email slawther@bolton-sfc.ac.uk