Student Profiles

Anam Ahmed

Posted: 25/11/2020

Here at The Sixth Form Bolton, the teachers are great at their jobs and put in a lot of effort […]

Ellie Longsworth

Posted: 25/11/2020

As a previous RAY student, I was able to visit The Sixth Form Bolton multiple times before becoming a B6 […]

Hannah Montford

Posted: 25/11/2020

When I was applying to become a B6 student, I remember meeting some nice students from the courses. They told […]

Anna Lonsdale

Posted: 25/11/2020

I visited The Sixth Form Bolton back in Year 10 for their Open Event and knew straight away that this […]

Mohammed Hamza Awais

Posted: 25/11/2020

I came to The Sixth Form Bolton because my sister attended and enjoyed her time here. I have also had […]

Jasmine Luseni

Posted: 25/11/2020

When I heard about the great reputation that The Sixth Form Bolton had, I knew that I wanted to visit […]

Hazim Sager

Posted: 23/11/2020

I decided to come to The Sixth Form Bolton because of its modern building and the relationships that I had […]

Aliya Gajra

Posted: 18/11/2020

When I first visited The Sixth Form Bolton at an Open Event, I knew that I would have a positive […]