Nicole Gildert
"Take every opportunity thrown at you or given to you, whether that's in becoming qualified, traveling or new experiences, take them all. Studying at The Sixth Form gave me the confidence and ability to apply for my role as RNP as well as giving me the chance to train with the Army in work experience and other team building exercises. This massively helped for my huge step in joining the Royal Navy as you live with the people you work with day in day out."

Nicole Gildert

After completing her BTEC Extended Diploma in Uniformed Public Services at B6 in 2018, Nicole joined the Royal Navy as Rank: Able and went on a world tour as part of this. She then successfully applied for a role in the Royal Navy Police.

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Smithills School

B6 Class of



D*D*D* Extended Diploma Vocational Public Services (Uniformed) 2018

Life after B6

Military Policewoman in the Royal Navy

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