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Date Posted: 27/05/2022 | Posted In: Public Services, Student News

Our first-year Triple Vocational A Level Public Services (Uniformed Protective) students had the fantastic opportunity this week to complete the Firefly course with Greater Manchester Fire Service.

The course began with a tour of the facilities and a chance to look around the equipment on the fire engine. An emergency incident occurred as the students were on site and the crew on shift responded with two fire engines. This was a great opportunity for our students to watch the emergency services respond and how quickly and efficiently they acted on the emergency callout.

In the afternoon, the students got to learn how to use the fire hydrant and hoses from the fire engine. They accessed water from the underground source hydrant and practiced putting out fires in the training yard.

On the second day, the students continued using the fire hydrants and hoses, as well as practicing drill in the training yard. They also attended classroom and practical sessions on fire safety in the home and preventative measures individuals could take to keep themselves safe.

The students learnt how to use the ladders in emergency and rescue situations and climbed to the first floor of the tower block on the training yard on the third day. They practiced rescues from a height as well as putting out fires on the first floor, from the ground and at height. This involved the students going up in a cherry picker which was an incredible experience for them. 

On the fourth  day, the students took part in road safety classroom and practical sessions. They supported the Fire Service crew in a training Road Traffic Collision (RTC) activity. The students helped to rescue an individual from the vehicle in a safe and efficient manner, without injuring the individual.

On their final day, the students continued with their training drills on the yard before taking part in a pass-out parade in the afternoon in front of friends, family and The Sixth Form staff.

This course was an invaluable experience for our students and not only gave them an insight into the role of a firefighter but also gave them a huge boost to their communication and team working skills as well as their confidence. We would like to thank everyone involved in the course for this fantastic opportunity for our students.


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