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Rowan Edlington
Sharples High School
Art & Design Pathway

Follow my journey on the RAY programme…

Launch Night!
‘I was really excited for the launch of the RAY programme, but I was also a bit nervous too, because I was the only one who was on the Art and Design pathway from my school so I didn’t know anyone! I learned a lot and I’m really looking forward to the photography session and I feel I will gain new skills. I even made a new friend! Next week is debate evening …

Debate Evening…
‘I was actually looking forward to debate night because I quite enjoy debating and happen to be a bit of a ‘devil’s advocate’ – so to speak! I soon found my group and made a couple of friends from other schools, as well as chatting to those from my school. I really like the diversity of the RAY program, so many different schools and so many different people! The event started with an introduction and then we split off with our group.

First we learnt a bit about Ethos, Pathos and Logos, the three types of debate (Featuring a celebrity, Pathos – Featuring emotions, Logos – Featuring logic and facts). Our first debate was about chocolate bars, Bounty vs. Mars and we had to develop our argument and then the teacher picked a spokesperson. I was the spokesperson for Bounty but unfortunately Mars won. We all got to eat the chocolate bars though! Then within our small groups, we got given a topic, my group was given ‘Should Officials use Social Media?’ – we had to argue against it. It was great fun and I learned a lot. I even got a medal for being one of the debate champions in our group! 




Art & Design

Tonight was the first session of art and design, I knew vaguely what we were doing but never expected it to be drawing with sticks! (As strange as that may sound) After our teacher came to collect us, we split into two groups. One group would start on fine art and one would start on Graphic design. In the next session we would swap over and then swap back and so on in future sessions.

I was put into the fine art group. First we had to select an object – there were various ones such as bones, shells, pressed flowers and even a snake’s skin! I chose a shell. We were taught that we didn’t have to use a brush or pencil to create art, and therefore we were going to be drawing using only sticks and ink. It was quite hard at first, but I eventually got the hang of it! I loved the atmosphere in the room, the group was so varied with different schools and characters and lots produced really great artwork! I can’t wait for the graphic design sessions too. 



Art & Design Group 2

We’re doing graphics tonight! I am really excited because I would love to go into graphic design as a career in the future. We all had our own logins for the computers already, so it was quick and easy to start the lesson. Our group is quite mixed, from people who haven’t done much graphics to people who have done lots, so the lesson was structured in a way that we could work at our own paces which I quite liked.

The teacher started off by going through the basics of Adobe Photoshop with a demonstration on the board. We were then given our options as to what we would like to design; an abstract poster that we could base around any theme – although it was advised that we do something from our school artwork for GCSE, or we could chose a design brief. One briefing was asking us to create a range of packaging for an artisan chocolate company – CocoLoco with exotic flavours! Another was to redesign a book cover for Malorie Blackman’s “Noughts and Crosses”. I chose to do the chocolate packaging. Most chose to do the posters, but everyone had different creative ideas! We started off by researching  and creating pages of ideas, gathering photos etc. for our designs. I liked the options we were given because it meant that we were able to express ourselves through our work. I think everyone enjoyed the session, I know I did, and I can’t wait for next time! 

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