Essential Everyday English

Our Intent

Good literacy, oracy and communication skills are vital to a student’s success at The Sixth Form, University and into the world of work.

The Sixth Form is committed to developing student’s English skills at every opportunity in all areas of life, both inside and outside the classroom.

The Ofsted Common Inspection Framework for 2019 highlights the need for “a rigorous approach to the teaching of reading (that) develops learners’ confidence and enjoyment in reading” which will result in students who “read widely and often, with fluency and comprehension.” The Sixth Form has in place many initiatives to achieve this goal and support outcomes for students and staff.

Implementing Essential Everyday English



Litcoin is BSFC bespoke reward system that enables students to earn digital coins for improvement in or good use of their English skills. Litcoin is broken down into the following areas:

Written – this includes but is not limited to, academic writing, essay structuring, referencing, coursework and research skills. 

Oracy – this includes but is not limited to, oral communication, presenting, participation in class discussion and use of subject-specific terminology.

Independence – this includes but is not limited to, independent research, revision, organisation and an overall proactive approach to academic study.

Shine – this includes but is not limited to, consistently high performance, undertaking additional opportunities and extensive reading around topics.

Resilience – this includes but is not limited to, improvement in grades at re-sit, applying teacher feedback both verbal and written and overcoming personal obstacles.

Community Spirit – this includes but is not limited to, acting as subject ambassadors, peer mentoring, volunteering and successfully undertaking work placements.

English Ambassadors

Our English Ambassadors are externally trained and ready to support the student body with their Essential Everyday English. They also take the lead in promoting English initiatives college-wide.

Email: englishambassadors@bolton-sfc.ac.uk or join their Google Classroom.

  English Ambassadors


The 6th Informer

The 6th Informer is our digital college magazine written by students for students.  

Upcoming Events

World Book Day March 5th 2020

World Poetry Day March 21st 2020



Debate is a key skill which The Sixth Form promotes within subjects, tutorials, ASE and the Debating Society enrichment. This holistic approach supports the development of student’s ability to create argument orally and in written form.


Celebrating Essential Everyday English