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Emily’s Story – How my Vocational A Levels & A Level will help me achieve my future

Date Posted: 26/01/2021 | Posted In: Student News

My name is Emily, and I am in my first year at The Sixth Form Bolton, studying Criminology, Applied Science, and Photography.

I chose these courses as I want to move on to a career in forensic science, or preferably a forensic pathologist. I thought these subjects would be a good mix of courses to get to the place I want at university. Another reason I chose these was that I wanted two subjects that are very theory-based such as Criminology and Applied Science, and then a practical lesson like my Photography.


I enjoy my courses as they are all subjects that I was interested in before starting college, especially criminology. I have always had an interest in learning about crime, so when I found out that The Sixth Form has a criminology course, I knew that I wanted to be a part of it, and it has exceeded my expectations. The course is by far my favourite and makes you realise the seriousness of crimes and the ins and outs of the crime world.


Photography is also great because it is more practical, and I can get out and about taking pictures and then get back to the lab to learn the photographic techniques and how to use the camera to get the best effects. When taking the photography course, you get to take part in an enrichment activity that allows you to learn even more about photography.

Applied Science 

Applied Science is my hardest subject, but I am still enjoying it as the teachers are supportive and take time to explain the topics in detail. They are also willing to provide extra support outside of the lessons when asked which is really appreciated.

Overall, I am loving my time at The Sixth Form Bolton and the subjects I have chosen, and I would recommend them to anyone thinking about following a similar career path.