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How to Manage Your Mental Health and Wellbeing by Denise Crilly on behalf of Student Support

Date Posted: 05/02/2021 | Posted In: Student News

There are many options but the most important thing is to discover what works best for you.  

Mental health issues, such as anxiety and low mood as well as feelings of loneliness and isolation have risen due to the pandemic. Taking a proactive approach to managing your own wellbeing is absolutely crucial in terms of working your way through challenges.  

A really helpful guide to follow is the ‘Five ways to wellbeing’, an approach endorsed by many mental health agencies. With that in mind, and as part of a proactive approach to support our students, we have delivered tutorials to the whole student body promoting it, which includes a range of interactive apps to help the students implement their plans going forward.       

It’s all about these 5 key themes:


Meaningful connections will support and enrich you every day


Helps you stay healthy and counteracts the negative effects of anxiety


Be mindful, take a break, and the time to appreciate what really matters


Small acts of kindness contribute positively to your overall sense of wellbeing


Builds confidence, acts as a distraction, and encourages a growth mindset

The students were very engaged in the sessions delivered in their tutor groups and are now developing their own personalised ‘Five ways to wellbeing’ plans.  

For more information on the ‘Five ways to wellbeing’, go to:

For more information about the interactive apps, go to:

For general mental health advice, you can also go to:

The support that we offer at The Sixth Form Bolton

Here at The Sixth Form Bolton, we have an experienced pastoral team to safeguard our students, which includes Learning Support Assistants, Progress Tutors, Learning Mentors, and a counsellor. Alongside this, we encourage students to access other suitable resources, which can be found on, this is a free online mental health wellbeing community especially for young people, and offers counselling.

This information has been provided by Denise Crilly on behalf of Student Support. 

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