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Photography Student Work Wins Runner Up Title in Leeds Trinity University Photography Environment Competition

Date Posted: 02/10/2020 | Posted In: Student News

In August, photography students at The Sixth Form Bolton entered a competition set by Leeds Trinity University with a theme of: Environment.

The brief was for current FE and Sixth Form students in the UK to create a project that responds to the theme of Environment. This could mean different things to different people and was open to interpretation. The brief highlighted that it was to show their technical ability, ideas and creativity via a set of images that work well together.

The entries were reviewed and finalised by selected industry experts and Leeds Trinity University Lecturers Verity Adriana and Liza Dracup. The finalists work would then be featured on the University’s social media pages and a part of their exhibition.

The Sixth Form Bolton’s Student Wins Runner Up

A massive congratulations to runner up: Tina, who has demonstrated her technical skills beautifully in her photo’s, which you can see below.


Tina’s influence and thoughts

“I captured these images in inspiration from Photographer Luke Saxton who portrays the theme of environment in a very creative and empathetic way.

The first image is inspired by David Hockney’s joiners and I decided to capture a panorama picture and a joiner to portray how litter in nature is never ending and no matter how hard we try and prevent it, it will still be on going. 

The second two pictures are heavily inspired by Luke Saxton. I captured images of plastic litter (bags and a face mask) and joined it with a shot of nature (blackberry tree and a leaf) that has a similar shape to the plastic which I think is a very clever way to manipulate the viewer into feeling guilt or sympathy for the nature that’s being destroyed. It captures a lot of emotion and juxtaposition.

Most of my images consist of the subject matter being a plastic bag (linking to Luke Saxton’s ‘Bags for Life’) such as the fourth picture which is a double exposure picture. I merged an image of a baby duckling with a plastic bag which I captured at the same location on differed days. This would really create empathy from the viewer as the duck is very cute and still young so seeing it in danger caused by humans will create sense of guilt.”

We are very proud of what our students have achieved and how they continue to demonstrate the skills that they have learnt inside and outside of The Sixth Form. We cannot wait to see what our students will produce next!