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Safer Internet Day 2021

Date Posted: 09/02/2021 | Posted In: Parent News, Student News

Safer Internet Day 2021 celebrates the amazing range of information and opportunities online, and its potential to inform, connect and inspire us, whilst also looking at how young people can separate fact from fiction

The campaign this year, focusses on how we can decide what to trust online, supporting young people to question, challenge and change the online world for the better. It will explore how influence, persuasion and manipulation can impact young people’s decisions, opinions and what they share online.

What will be covered during Safer Internet Day 2021?

The day will look at the emotional impact navigating a misleading online world can have on young people and why it is important to create a supportive, critical and questioning culture online that encourages debate and discussion. We want to give young people the skills to support one another, and the strategies to spot and speak out against harmful and misleading content online.

Through Safer Internet Day 2021, we will become more aware that inaccurate content exists, where it comes from, and what young people can do in response.

It is important to note that the issues of misinformation and ‘fake news’ do not solely affect young people, but that these issues do have a great impact on how young people feel about their time online.

It is important to equip young people with the skills they need to spot inaccurate content, which can sometimes be a complex task. Once young people feel more comfortable separating fact from fiction it is important that we then help them to take the next steps in helping to create an internet full of trustworthy and reliable information.

To access information and resources please click the link below:

An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world | Safer Internet Centre

As a Sixth Form we take Internet safety very seriously. We have a forensic monitoring system observing our computer equipment called ESAFE, picking up any concerning activity and ensuring the safety of our students. We also promote positive use of the internet through our tutorial sessions, ensuring students are aware of how to stay safe online. The theme of Safer Internet Day this year is fake news, exploring the impact that this has on society and individuals. This will be delivered in tutorial to all students this week. 

Find out more about our BSAFE Team

You can find out more about our safeguarding team here, and you will also be able to find additional information that we have provided to parents & carers, along with further material on how we protect our students within The Sixth Form Bolton.

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