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The Sixth Form Bolton is proud to be raising awareness for Black History Month

Date Posted: 23/10/2020 | Posted In: Student News

The Sixth Form Bolton is proud to be raising awareness for Black History Month.

Black History Month was first launched in the UK in the 1980s in London and was largely the result of local community activism challenging racism within society. In October, the UK celebrates Black History Month and there are a wide range of events held across the country celebrating black history and culture, from food festival and music workshops to educational seminars and lectures.

As part of The Sixth Form’s activity around raising awareness, one of our Business students, Harmeet Singh has created a powerful presentation to be shown in all tutorials.  The presentation educates others on what Black History Month is and includes some of the key figures and how they have influenced today’s society in areas such as the arts, education, sport and politics. Some of these notable influences include: Martin Luther King JR, Barack Obama, Maya Angelou, Muhammad Ali, Michelle Obama, Harriet Tubman, Jackie Robinson, Oprah Winfrey and Langston Hughes.  

Sixth Form student Georgia Platt who studies History, English Literature and Performing Arts has written and performed a poem for Black History Month.  Georgia says:

“This poem was inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests occurring all over the world. Over the past few months I’ve realised how privileged I am as a white person, and how ignorant I’ve been of the racism and prejudice that black people experience on a daily basis. I think everyone needs to pay attention to Black History Month and the Black Lives Matter movement because it’s so important to understand the suffering of those around us and do our best to support them and fight for them. This is not a moment, it’s a movement!”

You can view Georgia’s work here:


There are many more activities happening around The Sixth Form to raise awareness for Black History Month, if you wish to get involved and have your work featured, you can email or tag on us social media.