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The Manchester Science & Industry Museum visit Honours Programme students

Date Posted: 08/02/2021 | Posted In: Student News

Our First Year Honours Programme Students were treated to a virtual guest appearance from:

  • Dr Fitton from the University of Salford
  • Anna Taylor from The Manchester Science and Industry Museum

Dr Fitton – University of Salford

Dr Fitton from the university of Salford

Dr Fitton talked about his work with The University of Salford and the Energy House 2 Project. Energy House 2 is a house that the university has built within a centre that can recreate weather conditions. The university is currently one of the leaders in renewable energy research. They are aiming to create technology that will be healthy for the environment and reduce energy costs.

Dr Fitton also told the students about the renewable energy sector and the opportunities to gain employment within it. Students had the opportunity to ask questions before the session.

Our Students were given the opportunity to visit The University of Salford in the summer once COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.

Anna Taylor – Manchester Science and Industry Museum

Anna Taylor is a Duty Manager at the Manchester Science and Industry Museum. Anna presented to the First Year Honours Programme Students and discussed how the museum aims to stay relevant in the digital age.

How have COVID-19 restrictions affected the Manchester Science and Industry Museum?

The week before speaking with Anna, in their tutor groups, our students decided to ask Anna these questions:

  1. How does the Museum of Science and Industry remain relevant in the face of social media and access to online learning as people can learn from home instead of going out to a museum?
  2. How has COVID-19 affected the museum?
  3. What is your advice for young people looking to get into operations management?

Anna explained that the museum schedules events and themes that run throughout the year. Working with the current restrictions has been difficult with opening and closing. When the museum was open, an appointment system had to be created and staff were trained to follow COVID-19 restrictions. A current theme is The Sun – the museum makes each exhibit as interactive as possible and have a heavy output on social media to continually attract visitors.

Hearing from Anna Taylor has provided our students with an invaluable experience of life in this industry and the importance of resilience and being able to adapt.

What is the Honours Programme?

The Honours Programme is unique to The Sixth Form, offering our students a distinctive set of opportunities for academic development and giving them the competitive edge, they need when applying for the highest quality courses and the most prestigious universities in the country.

What do you need?

At least six GCSEs at grade 7, if you believe that you will attain these grades then you should take a look at all the opportunities available to you as a potential Honours Programme Student here

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