Law Society

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Interested in Law?

What is the Law Society?

The Law Society at BSFC is for students aged 14+ who are interested in or thinking of studying Law and/or following a legal career. The society is an ideal opportunity for you to develop your interest in this fascinating subject area. The society aims to demystify Law as a subject especially if you have not studied it before. It will help you to understand the different careers available in the legal world and raise your aspirations so that these become more accessible to you.

What can you expect from the Law Society?

As a member you will receive regular invites to College events where you can bring a friend or member of your family with you. These will be after school on a weekday.

Examples of activities include:

  • A Mock Trial where you can take part as lawyers or jurors or just watch!
  • Careers Evening including workshops by solicitors, barristers, legal executives, criminologists, the police and local universities
  • Solving a real-life crime using forensic evidence
  • “You be the Judge”, an interactive evening where you sentence criminals

How do I join?

Fill in the registration form to your right on this page

Follow Bolton Sixth Form College Law Society of twitter: @BSFCLaw