The role of a Governor

The Governors at The Sixth Form Bolton are volunteers from all walks of life who come together with the common goal of supporting the educational ethos of the The Sixth Form, ensuring its financial integrity, and maintaining a sustained quality of provision for its students.

The role of the Corporation (Governing Body) is extremely important and varied. The main responsibilities are:

  • to determine the educational character and mission of The Sixth Form;
  • to ensure The Sixth Form remains solvent, approve annual estimates of income and expenditure, and to monitor the effective and efficient use of resources;
  • to maintain the security of the The Sixth Form’s assets;
  • to make a significant contribution to what The Sixth Form does to ensure the success of its students;
  • to review and assure the quality of provision;
  • to approve the framework for the pay and conditions of employment of staff, and
  • to appoint holders of senior posts and the Clerk, and to set their pay and conditions of service;

If you are interested in becoming a governor please contact the Clerk, Julie France (jfrance@bolton-sfc.ac.uk). Vacancies arise from time and even if there is no vacancy when you express an interest, we would still like to hear from you.

Corporation membership

The Corporation usually has four full meetings per year but much of the detailed work is carried out at Committee level. There are four main committees:

The Finance and Personnel Committee, who advise the Corporation on all aspects of finances and staffing.

The Audit Committee, who advise the Corporation on the effectiveness of The Sixth Form’s systems of Internal Control and its arrangement for risk management and health & safety.

The Curriculum and Quality Committee, who advise the Corporation on quality assurance, academic achievement and exam results amongst other curriculum related issues

The Student Affairs Committee, which acts as a forum for discussion on issues affecting students and their experience at The Sixth Form, and to act as a channel of communication between students and the Governing Body any relevant matter.

The documents below identify the membership of the Corporation, and the meeting dates this academic year.

Meet the Governors

Schedule of Meetings 2019/20

As an independent corporation, The Sixth Form is responsible for the management of its activities. This is achieved through a series of documents and policies.  The Instruments & Articles of Government are a Statutory Instrument setting out the duties and responsibilities of the Corporation and its Members and the Terms of Reference detail the responsibilities of each of the Committees. Each Governor agrees to uphold the standards expected in public office and agrees to adhere to The Sixth Form’s Code of Conduct.

Instruments and Articles of Government

Finance & Personnel Committee Terms of Reference

Audit Committee Terms of Reference

Curriculum and Quality Committee Terms of Reference

Student Affairs Committee Terms of Reference

Remuneration Committee Terms of Reference

Code of Conduct

Minutes of meetings

The Sixth Form ensures that its minutes are made available for public inspection by posting them on this website.

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Need more information?

Please contact:

Julie France
Clerk to the Corporation
The Sixth Form Bolton

01204 846215