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Surgery is Open With Operating Live

Date Posted: 17/02/2020 | Posted In: Uncategorized

What is Operating Theatre Live? 

Operating Theatre Live is the UK’s only live travelling operating theatre experience for students studying in the UK. The rigorously academic, dissection-based surgical event is a great opportunity for students to enhance their learning as well as gain insight into a wide range of medical professions.

On February 17th, Bolton Sixth Form was transformed into an operating theatre as our aspiring medics got into their scrubs and prepared themselves for a day of surgery.  From administering anesthetic to brain dissection and from lung inflation to leg amputation , students were taken on an incredible surgical journey that left them stretched, challenged and inspired.     


How has it benefited our students? 

This event was a great opportunity for our students to immerse themselves in the role of ‘medical professional.’  A number of our sixth form students aspire to work within the medical/health science sector when they are older and this is the closest they will get to the real thing.  This experience has given them a fantastic insight into a range of careers including, surgeons, nurses and operating theatre practitioners and  it will serve to enhance their university applications and their chances of securing a place on medical/healthcare degree in the future.