Work Experience

At The Sixth Form we aim to ensure all Year 1 students undertake work experience in their first year of study in support of their academic achievement. Work experience is a vital part of a young person’s learning experience. It supports the academic skills they develop during their time here and allows them to acquire skills that cannot be taught in the classroom, ensuring they are work ready when it comes to seeking employment. 

Work experience aids students in choosing an industry and career path to move forward in, enabling them to make contacts in that industry they would otherwise not be exposed to.  ‘Real world’ experience can add considerable weight to a student’s CV, and for those applying to university, professional experience looks great on their UCAS personal statement.

Increasing numbers of employers and universities are looking for students to have relevant voluntary or work experience upon application to them. A study by the City and Guilds vocational training unit shows that 80% of employers think work experience is essential and two thirds of employers would be more likely to hire a young person with work experience over someone without any.

Benefits include:

  • Enhances a UCAS application and personal statement for higher education
  • Provides a greater insight into their desired career path
  • Builds links for future employment opportunities
  • Improves a CV
  • Builds your communication skills and gives an opportunity to work in a real work place with different people from different backgrounds
  • Opportunity to receive feedback and guidance from experienced staff in the job or sector you wish to work in
  • Provides the opportunity to explore other career paths they may not have considered
  • Gain a referee from a reputable company
  • Develop employability skills

We will advertise a number of existing high profile work experience opportunities for students to apply to, as they would for a job. Alternatively, our Work Experience Officer is on hand to help students secure a placement that will support their career plans and develop skills that they will benefit from in the future.

Working alongside The Sixth Form to provide work placements can be extremely beneficial to employers. Working with us could enable you to develop a better understand of the ever changing landscape of education and qualifications. Our students have a broad range of skills and interests and study a variety of over 50 subjects.

Benefits include:

  • Giving staff the opportunity to work in a supervisory role who may not usually have the chance
  • Scope for finding future long-term employment with successful students
  • Raises your company reputation in the local area
  • Students may introduce new ideas and a fresh perspective
  • Provide feedback and coaching in order to help students to develop skills required in a particular job or sector
  • Help young people to develop their CV and build a vital network of contacts in industry
  • Opportunities to work with us for events such as Skills Day, Careers Day and World of Work Mock Interviews

Our students undertake work placements at various times throughout the year. This could be one or two days a week throughout the academic year or one/two full-time weeks in half term, summer or other designated weeks.

We already work with many employers within Bolton and the Greater Manchester area who help us to enhance our students’ employability skills. If you feel can offer a work placement within your business, please contact our Work Experience Officer, Emily Dover on 01204 846 215 or edover@bolton-sfc.ac.uk