The World of Work Programme

At The Sixth Form, we place a high emphasis on employability skills and their importance within an increasingly competitive labour market. Employers are looking for people who are flexible, take the initiative and have the ability to undertake a variety of tasks in different environments. Employability skills are not as narrowly prescribed and defined as in the past and generally they are more ‘service oriented’, making information and social skills increasingly important.

Our World of Work programme is an established brand within The Sixth Form. We are proud of its success as it has been instrumental in shaping the lives of many of our students, helping them to become more self-aware by preparing them for the real world as well as introducing them to established employer links.

The benefits

 Students learn how to market themselves effectively

  • Identify their personal preferences, strengths and skills
  • Evidence and sell their unique qualities at an interview
  • Exposure to university and graduate recruitment processes
  • Implement research strategies to anticipate the needs of employers

The Impact

  • Students are better prepared for the working world
  • Personal reflective journal shapes progress
  • Learning is fun and engaging
  • Students learn to work cohesively with their peers.
  • Enhances social skills