Welcome to The Sixth Form Bolton. Please take the opportunity to read the information below, which contains important information in relation to personal safety, safeguarding and our commitment to promoting equality and diversity. We hope you have an enjoyable and safe visit.

We pride ourselves on providing an environment in which all staff, students and visitors feel safe and respected.  We require all members of The Sixth Form’s community and visitors to The Sixth Form to treat other people with respect and dignity.  All individuals must take responsibility for their own safety and welfare and that of others.  We expect all staff, students and visitors to value and celebrate the diversity of others and to treat everyone fairly and in a non-discriminatory manner.

Location, Travel & Parking

The Sixth Form Bolton is located in the town centre on Deane Road. If you plan on travelling by public transport, please check your timings and routes at: https://tfgm.com/plan-a-journey


The closest car park is Bolton Deane Road NCP on Wellington Street, just off Deane Road. The postcode for your sat nav is: BL3 5EQ.

As you approach the car park in your car, the shutters may be down. If you drive slowly towards the shutters, they will raise to allow you through.

You will receive a ticket from the barriers as you enter which you will need for your payment as you leave. You will need to take it with you to regain access to the carpark when returning to your car. You can pay on cash or card. Further car park information and rates can be found at:


As you exit the main door from the car park, the rear of The Sixth Form is in front of you on your left. The main entrance and reception is on the main road.


We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of our young people and we expect all staff and visitors to share this commitment.

The Sixth Form’s Designated Senior Leads for Safeguarding are Darren MacFarlane (Senior Leader) and Emma Collier and the Safeguarding Officers are Sarah Ball (Assistant Principal), Julie Curran, Tracey Kavanagh and Denise Crilly.

Emergency Evacuation Procedure

If the fire alarm sounds, please leave the building immediately by the nearest fire exit, following the green running man signs. There will be designated fire marshals wearing orange jackets to direct you.

Upon leaving the building, please proceed to the assembly point—Stanley Street, Bolton College side.

DO NOT RE-ENTER the building again until instructed to do so by a fire marshal.

If you discover a fire:

Raise the alarm by breaking the glass at the nearest red ‘break glass’ alarm point.

Evacuate the building following the guidance above.

DO NOT - collect personal belongings

DO NOT - use the lift

DO NOT - re-enter the building

Invacuation Procedure

In the event of a Lockdown being invoked at The Sixth Form, short blasts of a whistle will be heard. 

You must stay in the classroom/space you are in and be guided by staff to remain silent until the all clear is given. If you are not already in a classroom, please head to the nearest classroom or if on the ground floor, to go to the hall.

Wheelchair Refuge Points

Wheelchair refuge points are provided in fire exit stairwells. 

Upon hearing the alarm, take a safe route to one of these locations.


Images are being recorded for the purposes of the safety of our students, members of staff and visitors, and crime prevention.


Please note, photography may be taken throughout the event.  Please make yourself known to the member of staff if you wish for your image not to be taken.  Images taken on the evening may be used on our social media accounts and throughout our promotional material.

First Aid

This building is equipped with First Aid facilities and qualified First Aiders are available.

Should an emergency occur please inform a member of staff.  If you have access to a college phone, dial 6600 for reception or security 6618 stating the nature of the emergency, your location and your name.

A First Aider will attend to you as soon as possible.

Smoking/ Vaping

The Sixth Form is a strict no smoking/vaping environment.

Smoking is only permitted in the designated area at the rear of the College.  Please ask at reception for directions.

This includes the use of E-cigarettes on the premises.  These must only be used in the external designated smoking area.

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