Vision Statement

To be an outstanding Sixth Form and pursue excellence in everything we do.

The Sixth Form Mission

To provide educational excellence which releases potential and promotes individual achievement in an environment where diversity is valued and students and staff are supported, challenged and encouraged to reach for their best in everything they do.

The Sixth Form Values

  • Value and respect every student, their unique talent, ability and personal values, whilst encouraging a culture of self-respect and personal responsibility.

  • Create and nurture a culture whereby all staff and students feel fully supported and valued in an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance.

  • Value hard work and endeavour.

  • Champion the concepts of inclusion, equality and fairness in all that we do

Defining features and characteristics of The Sixth Form:

  • All students are aged 16–19 and full time

  • There is a strong focus on maximising student achievement, raising aspirations and ambition and on the quality of teaching and learning

  • The curriculum focus is on Advanced level with a wide range of A Levels and BTEC Diplomas on offer

  • Student support and specialist support for individuals is given high priority

  • Parents are engaged in the process of educating their children whenever possible

  • There is a strong focus on progression to Higher Education

  • Engagement in a wide range of enrichment opportunities is strongly encouraged

  • The admissions policy is inclusive and seeks not to place barriers to participation, whilst recognising the demands of study at advanced level

  • Student safeguarding is afforded extremely high priority

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