One of our main priorities at The Sixth Form is the welfare of our students. As part of this we work to enable our students to overcome any financial barriers to education in pursuit of their learning.  We run a very successful Bursary and Travel scheme that helps financially support a large proportion of our students every year.


If your Parent or Carers’ household income is less than £35,000 per year or if they are in receipt of any income-based benefit (such as Working Tax Credit) you may qualify for a bursary to help with associated college costs. This is means-tested and is dependent on individual family circumstances. When you enrol as a student you will have the opportunity to apply via your Student Portal.

Free Meals and Bursary

If your parents or carers are in receipt of certain benefits including: Income Support, Universal Credit or ESA, free meals/snacks and drinks may be provided at The Sixth Form to the value of a daily amount of £3.25. If the free meals application is successful, you will also qualify for a weekly bursary to help you with associated college costs. When you enrol as a student you will have the opportunity to apply via your Student Portal.


For Students who Live Within Greater Manchester AND TRAVEL BY BUS

Students that live within Greater Manchester could be eligible for free travel using GM Our Pass*. Our Pass is a simple scheme that ensures all eligible 16-18 year olds in Greater Manchester have the chance to become an Our Pass member – and gain access to two things: free bus travel, and exclusive experiences. For a one-off £10 administration fee, Our Pass provides free travel on most local buses across Greater Manchester. It also gives members half-price off-peak one day and weekend travel cards on Metrolink

This is a fantastic benefit for Sixth Form students. With our accessible town centre location, B6 students are able to travel to and from college at a time that fits their timetable for free. Find out how to apply for an Our Pass here.


Students living more than four miles from The Sixth Form and who also live outside of Greater Manchester are eligible for help with weekly travel costs. This is not means tested. Please enquire at Student Information for more details.

If you use other types of public transport to normally attend The Sixth Form, funds may be available to assist you with travel costs. This can be discussed with Student Information.

For full information, please read our Student Financial Support Policy:

 Student Financial Support Policy and Guidance 2023-4

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