Application Timeline

We look forward to welcoming your application to study at The Sixth Form Bolton. Applications for September 2024 entry open on Friday 6th October from 12noon, the timeline below is for September 2024 applicants only. If you are a late applicant for September 2023, please complete the application link below.

Step 1 - Create an application

Complete an application to The Sixth Form Bolton by using the  online application form here
Please apply by the application deadline: Wednesday 31st January 2024

Step 2 - Submit your application

Once submitted, your application will be checked by the Admissions Officer.  We may need to contact you for further or any missing information.

If any of your contact details change, please contact the Admissions Team so that these can be updated.  It is crucial that this information is kept up to date throughout the entire process as the majority of communication will be via email and text message.

Step 3 – Interviews

All applicants who apply by the deadline are offered an interview, the date of which will be sent via email and published on your applicant portal.  You will be able to access your portal via the link in the original email sent to you when you initiated your application. Please log on to view your interview details and any important additional information.

Step 4 - Places offered

You will told at interview if you have been offered a place to study at The Sixth Form Bolton.  Offers are either Confirmed, Conditional or Aspirational.  All offers are subject to you achieving the minimum entry requirements for your chosen subjects.  We will be in touch through the academic year with key events and information, please see the timeline below for key dates.

Step 5 – Enrolment

Enrolment starts from Thursday 22nd August 2024.  You will be allocated an enrolment appointment in advance.  It is essential that you attend your enrolment appointment in order to secure your place.  Places will not be reserved for applicants who are on holiday during enrolment. If you are unable to attend enrolment then you should contact the Admissions Team as soon as possible to discuss your options.

For more information please read our Admissions Policy

Application Timeline and Key Dates

Applications open: Friday 6 October 2023



Open Day: 10:30am - 1:30pm


Open Evening: 5:30pm - 7:30pm 


Open Evening: 5:30pm - 7:30pm 

Application deadline: Wednesday 31st January 2024.

Interviews are held from November – March

Offers will be made at interview 

Late applications: Late applications will be placed on a waiting list. Late applicants are not guaranteed an interview and applications will only be processed subject to availability of places.

New Student Day: Thursday 11 July 2024

GCSE Results Day: Thursday 22 August 2024

Enrolment: From Thursday 22 August 2024. It is essential that you attend your enrolment appointment in order to secure your place. Places will not be reserved for applicants who are on holiday during enrolment.

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