We firmly believe that a strong partnership between parents and The Sixth Form is fundamental to their success. 

We are keen for parents to have a clear understanding of the challenges your young person will face during their time at The Sixth Form, and to make sure that we can help you to support them effectively.

Progress Coaches are the first point of contact at any time during the year. The Sixth Form’s Parent Portal, accessed through our website, will provide you with up-to-date attendance and academic progress information to help you keep track on your young person’s performance throughout the year.

All the staff at The Sixth Form Bolton are dedicated to ensuring that they become a successful, confident well-rounded individual, ready to make a positive contribution to the society they live in.

What students can expect from The Sixth Form:

  • Concern for their welfare and development, both academically and personally

  • Appropriate teaching and learning, including resources and facilities to help them to achieve the best they can

  • Regular reviews of their progress, so they know where to focus to improve their work and to achieve their goals and aspirations

  • Encouragement, challenge and support to enable them to achieve their best and move successfully to the next stage of their life

What does The Sixth Form expect from students?

  • Commitment to the highest standards of attendance, punctuality, work and personal conduct. Being equipped and ready to study at all times.

  • Ambition and to achieve the best they can

  • Respect for themselves, for others and for their environment

  • Enjoyment of learning and acquiring new skills, abilities and knowledge

For more information please view our Parent and Carers’ Guide, or visit our FAQ page

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