Introduction to the programme

The RAY Programme is an exciting opportunity for high achieving Year 10 students which will help to develop a broad range of skills. By taking part in this programme, the students are taking the first important step towards realising their academic potential.

Throughout the one-year RAY Programme, students take part in a range of activities, seminars and visits which broaden their horizons, teach them new skills, and help them to make new friends. They will find the programme both enjoyable and challenging. At times they will be outside of their comfort zone, but this is all part of the fun and excitement of the course.

Aim of the programme

RAY is an innovative after school programme that introduces Year 10 pupils to the fundamental elements of critical thinking they will need for success at GCSE, and beyond. Pupils apply in Year 9, and if selected, are invited to attend The Sixth Form Bolton to experience a range of engaging masterclasses over the course of Year 10 and into Year 11.

We have designed the small and interactive classes to allow pupils to learn from collaborating and debating with classmates from other schools. The classes are carefully designed to be challenging yet accessible to Year 10 pupils and therefore cover a lot of curriculum topics, that differ from those taught at school.

We aim to strengthen their research and communication skills evaluating different types of evidence and explanation, and constructing persuasive arguments orally and in writing. The course will enable pupils to not only learn from a range of lecturers, but also from each other. 

Benefits of the programme

  • The chance to meet and collaborate with students from other schools

  • The opportunity to visit a prestigious university to find out more about university life and take part in a RAY Graduation Ceremony

  • Development of core skills transferable to future study and employment

  • Development of skills to support GCSEs

  • New curriculum areas and methods of study to be explored

  • You will become an inquisitive and independent learner

  • Your aspirations to be raised and your horizons broadened

For more information on the RAY Programme, contact Simon Christian at


University of Cambridge Inspire Sixth Form and School Pupils

University of Cambridge Inspire Sixth Form and School Pupils

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