Parents & Carers

High Expectations

We firmly believe that a strong partnership between parents and The Sixth Form is fundamental to their success. We are keen for parents to have a clear understanding of the challenges your young person will face during their time at The Sixth Form, and to make sure that we can help you to support them effectively. Progress Coaches are the first point of contact at any time during the year. The

College Calendar

Term Dates for Students 2023/2024 AUTUMN 2023 Term starts: 04 September 2023 Half Term: 23 October to 27 October 2023 Term Ends: 15 December 2023 - Last day of term for students SPRING 2024 Term starts: 03 January 2024 Half Term: 19 February to 23 February 2024 Term Ends: 28 March 2024 SUMMER 2024 Term starts: 15 April 2024 Half Term: 27 May to 31 May 2024 Teaching Ends: w/ending


What if my young person doesn’t achieve their predicted GCSE grades? Don’t worry! They should bring their results along to their enrolment interview and we will endeavour to find them an appropriate alternative course. Careers advice and guidance will be available throughout enrolment. We will be on holiday when GCSE results come out, what should we do? Inform the Admissions Team as soon as

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